Ashwani Thakur

The Foodedulis team was very easy to work with. They sought and incorporated our feedback and provided practical solutions that could be executed in a challenging environment. They paid a great deal of attention to details, which helped us a lot. In addition to Menu Engineering & Designing, they also did Staff Training on Soft […]

Rahul Negi

We at Underdoggs are extremely focused on our Food and Beverages offerings, for which we wanted to come up with a menu that made us stand apart. This is where Naveen and his team came good. Not only is Team Rachna Gupta & Sons extremely focused and diligent in their work, they are also extremely […]

Manisha Sharma

We worked with Foodedulis very closely while setting up our restaurant, and I am pleased to recommend the team to anyone wanting to set up a restaurant kitchen. We were very happy with the thorough and professional approach taken by the team at every stage – right from kitchen designing to menu selection to hiring […]