Manufacturing Outsourcing

  • In an era where the prime focus of any company would majorly be on achieving sales, carrying out and managing procurement activities can be arduous
  • Here is where Manufacturing Outsourcing comes in. It is the process by which a company handovers its manufacturing activities relating to sourcing and supply chain to an effective third-party procurement service provider.
  • Rachna Gupta & Sons helps businesses a streamlined, scalable range of custom-configured manufacturing outsourcing solutions to suit your unique requirements.
  • With the ever-rising demand to find intelligent solutions in manufacturing outsourcing, it has become an indispensable part of any business that looks to optimize its manufacturing process and maximize performance manifold.

Sectors Covered


(Fruits & Vegetables Processing, Dairy Products, Soups, Bullions, Spices & Condiments, Nutritional Powders)

Managing Manufacturing and ensuring credibility can be exceedingly tedious, especially in the food sector because the food sector has long and complex supply chains. Our well-structured intelligence services allow food companies to manage their manufacturing outsourcing and supply chain activities seamlessly and with expertise. Our clients can reap the benefits of having a vast network of manufacturers, farmers, & suppliers.


(Fruit Juices/Coconut Water/Carbonated Beverages)

We have great relationships with reliable suppliers that assist our clients in sourcing and procuring raw materials for beverage companies. From sourcing the raw materials to negotiating with third party beverage production companies, we take care of everything you need.