Bankable Feasibility Study Reports

Feasibility study reports on your proposed Food processing plants and projects is critical to understanding the implications of setting up a food processing plant.

The Feasibility Study report is a Detailed Project Report which helps entrepreneurs in understanding all the factors that will be impacting the food processing plant / factory being set up. This includes, but is not limited to, product market, financial projections, manpower requirements, Utility expectations, plant Capacity, Machinery line and cost, raw material requirements etc.

Techno Economic Feasibility report or DPR is also a bankable study which the banks will be requiring from the enterprenuer in order to understand the project and approve the loan. Further, even the Government department needs the Feasibility study in order to understand and approve any capital subsidy on the said project.

Rachna Gupta & Sons Food Consultants has had the pleasure of working on more than 550+ Techno Economic Feasibility studies over the past 22 years. Our team would be happy to help and guide the clients with regard to the steps forward on the food processing plant any entrepreneur intends to set