Operation Audits & Operational Systems

Our consultant will observe all food manufacturing operations and interview management and staff to determine positive operations practices, in addition to challenges as they present themselves.  Our consultant will visit multiple locations (if applicable) and be on-site from opening to pre-close in order to experience all aspects of the operation’s day parts as well as to pre-preparation, shift change and end-of-day systems.

We will prepare a clear and factual report of our findings, with actionable recommendations designed to meet the challenges and opportunities uncovered. Additionally, we will prepare a list of ‘low-hanging fruit’ opportunities – those areas of opportunity that can be acted upon quickly in order to garner a more immediate impact from existing operations. Finally, we will provide a listing of ‘next step’ recommendations designed to provide a logical road map to move forward most expeditiously that will guide improvement that can then enhance overall brand health and profitability.