Efficiency Improvements & Cost Savings

Cost Reduction Consultants identify areas to strategically cut costs without impairing business operations or productivity. They refocus and improve existing resource expenditures and operational processes in order to maximize profit margins.

Our Insight

A primary focus of our consulting practice is working with clients in reducing costs to improve their profitability and competitiveness. We accomplish this by focusing on five key areas of their performance. These include: improving the efficiency of high-cost areas, increasing the productivity of labor-intensive operations, eliminating costly quality failures, improving the efficiency of major processes and identifying the contribution to profit of their products, services, and customers. To achieve the greatest cost reduction in the shortest timeframe, we prioritize our improvement effort based on the 80/20 Principle. The 80/20 Principle holds that 80% of the opportunities to reduce costs are rooted in 20% of the organization’s products, services and processes. To support the cost reduction effort, we provide extensive management training in the tools and techniques of reducing costs.

The success of our Cost Reduction Consultants is guaranteed – Our consulting fee is 100% contingent on that success. This guarantee provides that our project consulting fee is contingent on significant improvements being achieved.

How to Reduce Costs

  • We Improve the Efficiency of High Cost Areas.
  • Increase the Productivity of Labor Intensive Operations.
  • Eliminate Costly Quality Failures.
  • Improve the Efficiency of Major Processes.
  • Identify the Contribution to Profit of the Organization’s Products, Services and Customers.
  • Train Managers in Techniques of Reducing Costs.